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 Thaivillage Kennel is partner with low populous dog´s  breed club ( KCHMPP). We have nothing to do with any TRD Club in Czech Republic and take revulsion from all shark practics of this Club !






When we´ve made a decision what breed of dog we will buy to our house, great character of our  new member of family was the most important for us. It is understandable because of our three children.

With  piece of luck we´ve found 4,5 years old female of TRD. This breed was not unknown for us. We have known immediately, that Aisha with her great character is the best solution  - at first view  - protector, on the second side the snuggy cat in loving with her owners and children.

January 2010 - we have new beautiful 18 months old TRD at home. His name is Anubis of Banmararueng, heś imported from Thailand. Immediately our childred  fall in love with him.It has confirmed to us for second time , that  the dogś character is the most important. Anu is realy good boy 

Augus 2010 -  Anu is 2 years old and we made a decision, he is prepare to liaison. He lives in our family for 7 months together with Aisha. He is not very temperament dog at home - usually he sleeps or lies on the sofa , but in the garden or in the forest, he  runs like a devil 

 December 2012 - new menber of our family - black velcet female - Cest Moi from Thaivillage

September 2015- Cest Moi finished her show path, she is preparing to new " mother role "


TRD is  noted in Thailand  till the Middle Ages. It is primitive, thrue - born breed, without the chance of grading. These dogs keep watched possession and helped in hunt.In the present time TRD is rather faithful and  ever - loving companion.



Intelligence and sociality are the main lines of TRD character. They  almost have a lot of catś manners, excelent hygiene started and catś move finished. They love movement, jumping and running are very important for them, just as the long relaxation in the roost.

Character of TRD depends all above on breeder, it is possible to enter them, but not in slavishly way. Living environment and approach to  dog are very important. Please, forget about  cage, chain or any isolation from society ! TRD is fixed on the family, lovering and your care, TRD pays return alike.

Breeding of TRD is not hard, don´t need to much place, so you can live in the flat. They love warm and sun , in  the cold weather, they don´t stay outside for a long time, dislike rain, so they are not conductive to oustside breeding.

TRD is very bright and teachable, but often  willful, so the aducation must be strong but kindly with  rewards. This breed is not determinated to drill on drilling ground! Agility, runing beside bicycle are right. Vulgar and survly access brings  your dog  shynnes and incredulity !

Life together children is not problem, never give TRD to children as a toy !




Short and mostly nonemould coat doesn´t need special care. TRD spend  tens minutes with self cleaning daily. High- quality animal fodder, fresh water in the high bowl, sometimes some animal titbit nad your TRD is satisfied.